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The Lost and Damned Unlocked для GTA 4

 The Lost and Damned Unlocked для GTA 4The Lost and Damned Unlocked первый большой мод для GTA 4. Вместо Нико теперь будет Johnny из Lost and Damned, также замене подвергнутся мотоциклы, оружие, текстуры и некоторые другие элементы игры.


* Johnny's Biker Jacket from The Lost and Damned

* 2 Sets of Fingerless Gloves are also included with this mod (2 sets are normal leather gloves and a very stylish Biker glove)

* DLC Bike: Johnny's Hexer (Replaces Zombie)

* DLC Weapon Icons (Pistol, Uzi, Grenade, AK47)

* New Weapon Textures

* 100% Save Game

* Independance FM Logo (VC's Vrock logo, customized for GTA IV)

* Bikers Following you, must set custom drive/walk (Made by fengyeblade)

* Custom made C++ Scripts (Made by aru and Indi.)

* Spawn Hellfury (Press F6)

* Change to Johnny (GTA IV default clothes, press F9)

* Change back to a random variaton of Niko (Press F8)

* Major Improvement to Loading Screens (Made by Indi.)

* Custom made American.gxt just for this mod

* New and major improved The Lost Motorcycle Club Jacket (Made by Indi. it has some UNFIXABLE bugs).

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